Watching Supernatural with my mum


Gawd, season 1 Sam and Dean…so tiny…so GAY. It’s really hard not to point out the gayness…especially because it happens like, every time Sam and Dean interact…all the longing glances jesus christ

this is how she’s been reacting:

*Sam pulls out John’s journal*

"Nice scrapbook!" *snickers"


Mum: “Wait, so who’s who?”

Me: “Sam is the taller one with the hair. Dean is the shorter pretty one.”

Mum: “No, the actors.”

Me: “Oh! That’s Jared Padalecki, and that’s Jensen Ackles.”

Mum: “Then who’s the scavenger hunt guy?”

Me: “What? Misha? He doesn’t come in till season four.”

Mum: “Oh. I thought he was one of these guys.”

Me: “Nope. He’s an angel. Season four.”

and also

Mum: “Jesus christ, is this why you don’t want to go in the lake!?”

Me: “No, no, I don’t want to go in the lake because of crocodiles.”

Mum: “Wha-“


she also think that Dean has “pretty eyes” and Sam has “nice teeth”

I have yet to figure out whether she’s a Dean girl or a Sam girl…but one thing’s for certain, she doesn’t like the girls that Dean interacts with. She thinks they’re stupid.

to quote: “Oh, look at me, my dad and my husband just died but I’m still so happy look at my pretty blouse uuuughhh”

Oh, mumsy.

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  3. miscella said: I feel you. I have not stepped foot in the lake our family goes to in 7 years because I saw two crocodiles there which have since been caught. BUT IT’S STILL TERRIFYING! It’s not helped by the fact that boat motors sound like snakes under water.
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